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Donate to the Switch

TSRDonationDriveBanner Running a not-for-profit radio station is a full time non-paying job and it isn’t cheap either. The Switch Radio is proud to say that it is fully funded by the contributions made by our On-Air Personalities and Very Generous Listeners! The money we receive goes 100% towards paying our monthly fees and planning awesome contests and giveaways! Any contributions are welcome no matter how big or small, and they all go towards helping us keep up the high quality music that The Switch is dedicated to delivering to you our listener!

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The Cost of running The Switch Radio:

Streaming Server (24/7 / 192Kbps / 4400Khz / Stereo / MP3) $30.00  per Month
Webserver $25.00  per Month
Music Royalties (ASCAP & RIAA) $30.00  per Month
Domain Name and Hosting $30.00  per Year
Total Monthly Expenses $88.00  per Month